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Practice Areas

The Attorneys at STEVENSON & WAGNER​ take on cases from a wide array of fields. Even if your case does not fit neatly into one of these categories, our Attorneys are always looking to expand their areas of practice. 

Our firm handles many facets of Real Estate Law including Landlord-Tennant disputes, Real Property Conveyances, Title Searches, Easement Agreements, Purchase Agreements, land and boundary disputes, and so much more. 

Many people do not realize the importance of proper estate planning. And sadly, many that do know of the importance, believe that trusts are the best way to protect their assets. However, trusts are beneficial to few. Our office conducts proper estate planning which can be done at a low rate. In fact, our office uses flat fees for all of our typical estate planning documents including wills, powers of attorney, transfer on death designation affidavits, and survivorship deeds. And we even offer discounted packages. 

Probate law encompasses any situation where a person is unable to care for themselves or their property and typically is used for guardianships or the death of a loved one. In these situations, the Court is charged with the duty to ensure that the wishes of those who can't speak for themselves are carried out. Most of our firms work is in these fields which has given us the ability to streamline the process to make it more affordable for more families. 

Real Estate Law
Probate Law

Many of the laws of our country are set up to encourage everyone to act in a civil manner. Yet, some exist because we, as a society, have decided that certain rules are not meant to be broken, and when they are, a punishment should be affected. However, the United States also believes that we have certain undeniable rights. Our firm will protect those rights if you should come into contact with the criminal justice system.

The area of domestic relations is tough on everyone. Our firm works diligently to find the best possible outcome for any parties involved especially when the situation involves children. Divorce and dissolution are the two most common types of domestic relations cases that we have taken. Our firm has the knowledge and experience to lessen the burden in those unfortunate circumstances.

Business law is a wide category which is meant to include contract drafting and negotiation, corporation formation and management, issues in employment law, and sales. Our firm has incorporated several active organizations and has drafted many different types of business contracts including timber agreements.


Business Law
Domestic Relations
Criminal Law
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