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Probate Law is an area of law which has the goal of aiding community members who can no longer aid themselves. This area of law covers minors, adult and child guardianships, and decedent's estates. 


While the State of Ohio has provided a standardized system of forms for the practice of probate law, many people have a difficult time navigating all of the forms in order to effectively and efficiently practice probate law. Our firm knows how to help your family get through the process in a timely manner. 


Attorney Michael A. Wagner practices in this area and specifically focuses on adult guardianships and estates. In this respect, Attorney Wagner works as  an officer of the court reporting to the court any information necessary to protect the rights and interests of the ward or the decedent. Guardianships can take on a number of forms, from limited purpose guardianships to unlimited guardianships of undertermined length and can include both guardianship of the person (life choice aid to make decisions in areas like health care) and guardianship of the estate (financial decisions). For estates, there are also a number of systems that could be used depending on the nature of the heirs of the estate to disposal, transfer, or liquidation of the decedent's assets with fair application of either the loved-one's will or the statute of decent and distribution (Ohio's statute that controls when the person does not have a will). 

Attorneys for Probate Law

Michael A. Wagner

Estate Planning & Probate Law

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